Way2Call Phonathon Program Setup
Posted by Patricia Goodman on 05 November 2013 03:25 PM

The ADM-TEL computers in Admission use the Way2Call Phonathon application for the phonathon campaigns.  In conjunction with the Way2Call application (aka "TrayPhone"), there is also a Way2Call device that is connected to both the phone and the computer.

Connection Path of hardware:
- a phone cable runs from the wall to the Rolm converter box that is plugged into the power strip. The cable plugs into the port that is labeled "connect to wall jack",
- then a phone cable runs from the Rolm converter box, from the port labeled "connect to phone" and connects to the port that is on the underside of the phone,
- then a phone cable goes from the port on the back of the phone labeled "phone jack" to the far right port on the Way2Call device,
- then a USB cables goes from the Way2Call device to the computer.
- also, the hands-free headset cable connects to the microphone and headset ports on the back of the Way2Call device.

Settings for the Way2Call software:
under Start, All Programs, Way2Call Multiple Hi-phone Devices, then Way2Call TAPI Setup do the following:   
-click on the Configure button
-un-check the option to 'wait for dial tone'
-check the option to use 'headset'
-station speed should be set to "  *329  "
-click OK
-click Close


  • Log onto the computer with the special username and password.  Each computer has its own unique username that is on a white sticker that is on each computer's monitor. Each of these usernames are a local account to each computer.  The password is "caller".
  • Start up the TrayPhone application (there is an icon on the computer desktop)
  • Start up Google Chrome web browser
  • Chrome will be directed to the Wilson-Bennett Technologies Phonathon site.  Users will log in with a special account that was set up for them by Jameson Lingl in Development.
  • Then, the user will need to procede with the instructions that Jameson would have given each user for how to use the software to make calls to people.

 WBTrayPhone download: http://exceletel.com/download/clients/wbt501/tplease/wbtrayphone.htm


Beyond the help provided in this knowledgebase article, Jameson Lingl in Development should be contacted for additional support. Jameson has a contact person at Wilson-Bennett that he works with.

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