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Create Custom Search Engine Shortcut
Posted by Patricia Goodman on 04 February 2015 10:22 AM

You can create custom search engine shortcuts for the Chrome browser. This is especially helpful if you often perform searches on a particular web page. Creating the custom short cut allows you to perform a search from your browser's address bar without having to go to that particular website first, and then perform a search.  Examples would be, if you often go to to search for something on the Internet, or you often go to to search for products, or you often go to the Goshen College MyGC home page to search the online directory for a person.  Below is a link to a Youtube video that you can watch for instructions on how to set up a search engine shortcut.  

For specific directions on how to set up the shortcut for the GC online directory, follow the below steps: 

  1. Click on the Chrome menu button (located in the upper right corner and looks like three horizontal lines)
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Click on Manage Search Engines
  4. Scroll to the very bottom and you will see three boxes where you can insert the following:
    • in the 'add a new search engine' box, type in GC Directory
    • in the 'key word' box, type in what ever keys you want to use for your shortcut keys. eg.  gcp   could be shortcut keys for  "GC People"
    • in the URL box, type in the following  
  5. Press Enter on your keyboard
  6. Click on the Finish button

Now, you're ready to use your new search engine shortcut to search the GC online directory: 

  1. No matter what web page you are currently on, in the address bar you can type in the keyboard shortcut keys that you set up in the previous steps. So, for example, if you used "gcp" as your shortcut keys, type gcp in the address bar, then hit the space bar on your keyboard and then type in the name of the person you want to search for, and then press Enter on the keyboard.  You will be presented with a directory search result of the person that you searched for!  

If you need assistance, please contact the Help Desk at 574-535-7700.


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