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Calendar settings
Posted by Jon Mark on 03 June 2014 10:04 AM

Calendar Settings

To access Calendar settings:

  1. Open Google Chrome
  2. Log into GC Google account
  3. Press the customize button to access your google calendar
  4. hover mouse over calendar you wish to edit
  5. A upside-down triangle will appear, click on it
  6. Select Calendar settings

Calendar Details:

  • Calendar Name: Display name of calendar
  • Calendar Owner: The person who has complete permissions to calendar, there can only be one person. If you want to give a calendar to someone after you leave the college, write their email here.
  • Description: A simple description that only shows up if you share the calendar
  • Location: Unimportant, but you can put Goshen College here
  • Calendar Time Zone: If the red bar telling you current time or appointment reminders are incorrect it may be that the current time zone is incorrect.
  • Embed This Calendar: This will show the calendar as an image on a site, this can be useful for Google Sites
  • Calendar Address: Do not use this function
  • Private Address: This will allow access to anyone who clicks on the link.
  • Delete all events: This cannot be undone.

Share this calendar

  • Make this calendar public: Do not do this unless you want external users to be able to view your calendar
  • Share with specific people: enter email addresses so others can see your who calendar. Then use the dropdown settings to change if they can only see events or manage the calendar.

Reminders and notifications

  • Event reminders: Sets up reminders for Google+
  • Choose how you would like to be notified: Google+ notifications

Remember to press "Save" to save changes made.

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