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Types of Groups
Posted by Jon Mark on 30 May 2014 11:45 AM

Email list

This type of group is like a mailing list—it contains the email addresses of its members but also has its own address. Using just the one email address for the group, you can:

  • Send email to group members

  • Invite group members to meetings

  • Share your content with group members, including Google documents, sites, videos, and calendars

Email list groups vs. Google Contact Groups: The primary difference is that a Google group has its own email address and see the message in email, online forum, or both


Collaborative Inboxes

Use a Collaborative Inbox to manage and track queries from customers or coworkers. This is the perfect type of group for support organizations! In a Collaborative Inbox, team members can easily assign and track support tickets and other queries from customers or coworkers. Team members can:

  • Take a topic they volunteer to resolve

  • Assign a topic to another group member

  • Mark a topic as duplicate


Web and Q&A forums

A web forum is similar to the online discussion forums, such as forums where frequent flyers discuss travel issues or where music lovers discuss the latest charts. A Q&A forum is used to resolve issues or questions within an online community. These two types of groups are similar, though a web forum is usually more focused on general discussions, while a Q&A forum is focused more on finding answers to questions.


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