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Messages being rejected by GC's mail server
Posted by Patricia Goodman on 05 September 2013 08:47 AM

Sometimes email that is sent to an email address gets rejected on our mail server and is bounced back to the sender.  Most often, when this occurs, it is because the sender has not set up their outbound email correctly. They have probably set it up so that their messages to us are sending with a from address of, which is the wrong thing to do since they are not Goshen College. The Baracuda system on our mail server sees that another company who is not Goshen College is trying to send email as if they are Goshen College, and the message gets bounced. Baracuda checks for these sorts of things, even if they are supposedly legitimate, because this type is practice is the same thing that spammers do to try to send out spam email that is disguised as someone else.

If you run into a situation where a company or listserv is trying to send email to Goshen College, but it is getting rejected and bounced back to them, there isn't anything that Goshen College can do on our end to fix the problem. The company/person/listserv that is sending the message needs to fix how they are sending their email and not have the message have as the sending domain.


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