Setting up a quiz in Moodle
Posted by Andrew Shenk on 01 April 2013 02:49 PM

Setting up a quiz in Moodle

  1. Go to your course in Moodle and Turn Editing On
  2. Click the “Add an Activity or Resource button” and select Quiz.
  3. Give the quiz and name and description
  4. There are many settings you can apply to your quiz.
    1. Under the Timing heading, click enable to set dates & times your quiz is available and set a time limit for your quiz. Be sure to set a closing time, as this is what triggers the grades to appear in the grade book, and will auto submit any student's work that hasn't been submitted. 
    2. Under the Grade heading, choose a category in your grade book (if you don’t select a category it will show in your grade book as an uncategorized grade item), and set the number of attempts students are allowed.
    3. Under the Layout heading, you can change the question order to random, and set how many questions are shown on the screen at a time.
    4. Under the Question behavior heading, you can set the quiz to “shuffle within questions.” If you have a multiple choice question, this setting will swap the answer choices around.
    5. Review options allow you to control when students see feedback, and what is seen.
    6. Under the Extra Restrictions on Attempts heading you can require a password to take the quiz, and force the quiz to pop-out into a full-screen browser (this option is under Browser Security).
  1. When you are done, hit the Save and Display button at the bottom of the screen which will take you to a page to edit the quiz questions. 

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