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Email and Calendar Information 2016
Posted by Pamela Kistler-Osborne on 27 August 2012 11:55 AM

Email and Calendar Service 2016


Everyone with a Goshen College user account has an email address consisting of their username followed by "".

NOTE* All email sent to you from Goshen College will be sent to your GC google account, so it is important to check that account regularly or forward your GC account to a personal account (Instructions for forwarding are below).

Here are some helpful links to guide your use of email on campus and beyond.

Third-party Clients

Account Type: IMAP
Incoming Mail Server:
Outgoing Mail Server:

Once these basic settings are in place, you will be able to receive mail. Sending mail may still not work if you are using 10.4 (Tiger). If it does not, click on the
Mail menu, select Preferences and click on the Accounts section. Select the account you just set up, and for Outgoing Mail Server click the Server Settings button. Set Server Port to 465, and select Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Authentication should be set to Password.

There is some additional advanced setup you can do to make Mail function better especially if you are accessing your GC email account from more than one computer. We recommend that you store "Drafts" and "Sent" mail on the server; that way you have access to these files from wherever you are checking email, including webmail. We also recommend that you do NOT store Trash on the server, since it will contribute towards your email quota.

Additional Information

  • Use the GC People Finder, or search 'directories' from the On Campus Page whenever you want to send an email to someone on campus but don't know their email address. Gmail does have a built in global address directory built in. This means, when you start typing an address in the “ to:” field, Gmail will generate a list of possible addresses for you and they will appear in a drop down list.

  • Let our Code of Conduct ( be your guide to proper and improper uses of email. You'll avoid embarrassing yourself and annoying others by following a few simple rules of "etiquette."

  • The ITS department is responsible for setting up Email lists for various groups and organizations on campus. Some of the lists are moderated while others are un-moderated group discussions. Some lists are intended for specific closed work groups of campus users, and others are freely available for you to join and participate in. Sending a message to an email list distributes your message to all participants on that list. To view current lists go to:

  • Sending a message to a listserv now requires you include the


Google Calendar




  • Each Student’s Google calendar should show the student’s current class schedule.







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