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File sharing between Macs
Posted by Pamela Kistler-Osborne on 21 August 2012 12:34 PM



Connecting to Other Computers

Macs have always been great peer-to-peer fileservers because any Mac can function as a network file server for other Macintosh or Windows computers. You switch on this functionality by checking "Personal File Sharing" in the System Preferences > Sharing panel:

Sharing Services Panel

Now you can log on to your computer from another Mac (in the Mac Lab, for instance, or from your Mac at home) using the "Go > Connect to Server..." menu command and logging in to your computer at an internet address like this: "afp://" (where "your-mac" is the actual DNS name of your computer.) Use your own username and password to connect to your remote filesharing computer:

Connect to Server

The "Go > Connect to Server..." menu command is also another way to connect to your network filespace -- you're just connecting to another computer on our campus network. The address to connect to is:
smb:// (Replace "username" with your own username.)

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