Can not log into the Personal Financial Academic link in GC online
Posted by Pamela Kistler-Osborne on 12 January 2010 02:24 PM

The "Personal, Academic & Financial Information" link in GCOnline redirect users to MyGC ( We encourage users to go directly to MyGC instead of going through GCOnline link. So, perhaps this article should be titled "MyGC login issue" or something along that line. Obviously, this article should only be available to ITS.


MyGC Login issue

  • Login to GCOnline
  • Click on "Account Management" link.
  • Enter the user ID, click search.
  • Click "Update" button. This will update the user MyGC access and roles based on their records. A sync script will run every 5 minutes to sync the update to MyGC.

06/17/2019, theodoreb


When a student can't log in to the JICS link (Personal Academic Financial) from GC online. This link

  • Remind them to
  • Open Jenzabar and go to telephone and web administration
  • Go to task- and open web admin-access/ permissions then open both maintain web access code, and Role membership
  • Under the Maintain Web Access window enter the students ID click search. If nothing shows up below and the fist line is blank- right click and add new row.
  • Enter the access code and click to encrypt it.
  • Go to the Role membership window and enter the student ID and search
  • If there are no rows are the first row is blank right click and add a row
  • Enter in the student ID
  • Select the role of  student from the drop-down list.
  • Right click and add a new row
  • Enter in the student ID
  • Select the role of Adivsee in the drop-down list.

 PKO 1/12/2010

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