General Printing Information
Posted by Pamela Kistler-Osborne on 12 January 2010 11:06 AM

General Printing Information

There are printers and multi-function printer/copiers placed throughout campus which you can use for printing. There is also a print queue called "campus-copier" that you can print to and then log onto any campus multi-function printer/copier to print your jobs.  Students receive $15 of free printing at the beginning of each semester, $7.50 for the May term, and $7.50 for summer if taking summer courses.  Students must purchase additional print credit from the ITS Help Desk if they run out of print credit before the end of a semester.  Printing that is done by employees will be charged to their department on a quarterly basis.

Xerox MFPs cost 5 cents per 8.5 x 11 page/side for black and 25 cents per page/side for color;
11 x 17 size cost 15 cents per page/side for black and 35 cents per page/side for color.
Laser printers cost 25 cents per page/side for color and 5 cents per page/side for grayscale. 

Note: The multi-function printer/copiers are set to duplex printing by default.

Students can print to the following printers:

  • Connector: connector2-printer, connector4-printer ( both Color)
  • Schertz Computer Lab:   scc-multifunction (B&W), scc-colorsavin2 (Color)
  • Library:  libr-x585, libr-multifunction ( both Color)
  • Commuter Student Lounge: commuter-printer (Color)
  • Apartments:  apartment-printer (Color)
  • Kulp kulp-basement-printer (Color)
  • NC12 nc12-lab-printer (B&W)
  • Students can also print to the "campus-copier" queue, which will allow them to log onto any campus multi-function printer/copier and retrieve their print jobs.


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