General Printing Information
Posted by Pamela Kistler-Osborne on 12 January 2010 11:06 AM

General Printing Information

There are regional laser printers and multi-function printer/copiers placed throughout campus which you can use for printing. There is also a print queue called "campus-copier" that you can print to and then log onto any campus multi-function printer/copier to print your jobs. Laser printers are available in both the Schertz and the Library labs.  Students receive $15 of free printing at the beginning of each semester, $7.50 for the May term, and $7.50 for summer if taking summer courses.  Students must purchase additional print credit from the ITS Help Desk if they run out of print credit before the end of a semester.  Laser printing costs 7 cents per page for black, 10 cents per page for color. MFP copiers cost 5 cents per page for black and 10 per page for color.  Both the Schertz Computing Center and the Library also have a multi-function printer/copier that prints up to 11"x 17", and costs 10 cents per page for black single sided, and 25 cents for color.   Printing that is done by employees will be charged to their department on a quarterly basis.

Note: The multi-function printer/copiers are set to duplex printing by default.

Students can print to the following printers:

  • Connector:  connector-2nd-colorsavin, connector-4th-colorsavin (Color)
  • Schertz Computer Lab:   scc-copier (B&W), scc-colorsavin (Color)
  • Library:  libr-glref-laser, lib-lab-laser, libr-copier1, libr-copier2 (B&W)
  • Administration Building AD21 Computer Lab:  ad21-lab-laser (B&W)
  • Commuter Student Lounge: nt-lounge-laser (B&W)
  • Apartments:  apartment-laser
  • Students can also print to the "campus-copier" queue, which will allow them to log onto any campus multi-function printer/copier and retrieve their print jobs.


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