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Changing your GC password for Mac
Posted by Pamela Kistler-Osborne on 13 February 2012 03:53 PM


Updated 2019-06-19

Changing Your GC Password

You can change your GC password any time using the "Change GC Password" tool in GC Online. Your single GC password gives you access to all of our GC network services, such as Email, GC Online, connecting to GCfile, and more. It will also be the password you use to log on to a Lab Mac.

Whenever you change your GC password, your may need you to also update passwords on your computer, usually just for Mac laptop users. Specifically, your Keychain Access password will probably need to be updated. You may also need to update your password in the Mail application on your Mac.

It may help to print this page for easy reference in doing any of the following password changes.

Office Macs and Student Macs

Most GC employees with office Macs and the Mac labs log on to their computer using a domain username and password. Changing your GC password will automatically change the password on your Mac. 

Most GC employees with laptop Macs (and students with their own Macs) log on to their computer using a local username and password. Changing your GC password will not automatically change the local password on your Mac. To update your local password to match your GC password, launch System Preferences and click on the Accounts icon. This is where you change your local password. Provide your old password in order to authenticate and make changes to this panel.

Mac OS X Mail

If you are like most Mac users, you have Mail store your password so you don't need to type the password every time you want to check for new mail. So after you've changed your GC password, Mail will try using the old stored password, and it won't work. It will ask for the new password, and will remember it for you from then on.

Keychain Access

Keychain Access is a Utility in Mac OS X that can remember all kinds of passwords for you. Your keychain has its own password that you will need to update in order for it to automatically log you into various network services. To change this password, launch Keychain Access. (It's in Applications > Utilities.) If it is locked, click on the padlock icon in the toolbar to unlock it, using your old password. Then select the menu command "Edit > Change Password for Keychain..." Provide your current (old) password, and your new (new!) password, and confirm your new password. Now your Keychain password matches your new GC password and won't ask you for it again... until the next time you change your GC password!

If you need any further help with synchronizing your Mac passwords with your new GC password, please call the Help Desk.

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