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Posted by Pamela Kistler-Osborne on 07 February 2012 04:41 PM

Program Change Control/Release Installation Policy for Administrative Systems

The following policy is designed to provide a conceptual framework for understanding the when, why and how of administrative software upgrades.

Definition of Terms

Release management focuses on the protection of the live environment and its services through the use of formal procedures and checks.

A Release consists of the new or changed software and/or hardware required to implement approved changes.

Release categories include:

  • Major software releases and major hardware upgrades, normally containing large amounts of new functionality, some of which may make intervening fixes to problems redundant. A major upgrade or release usually supersedes all preceding minor upgrades, releases and emergency fixes.
  • Minor software releases and hardware upgrades, normally containing small enhancements and fixes, some of which may have already been issued as emergency fixes. A minor upgrade or release usually supersedes all preceding emergency fixes.
  • Emergency software and hardware fixes, normally containing the corrections to a small number of known problems.

Releases can be divided based on the release unit into:

  • Delta Release: a release of only that part of the software which has been changed. For example, security patches.
  • Full Release: the entire software program is deployed—for example, a new version of an existing application.
  • Packaged Release: a combination of many changes—for example, an operating system image which also contains specific applications.

Jenzabar EX, JICS and related systems.  Jenzabar provides regular updates and patches to its EX product line. As a customer, we have an obligation to stay reasonably current, but for staffing reasons we have elected to be less aggressive in pushing out the latest release, so that others find the inevitable bugs. 


As a general rule, ITS does major Jenzabar upgrades during summer and over Christmas break, with minor fixes and services packs throughout the year. Under normal circumstances, updates occur outside of normal business hours.


Rollout of updates typically involves installation of service-side patches and updates to the Jenzabar EX client software.  New releases will be announced in advance, either through Administrative Computing Committee or the Admin Computing listserv.  Client update procedures follow well-established methodologies.  ITS will typically send out an email reminder the day prior to the update. 

GC Online/Caravel Applications


GC Online and Caravel Applications are upgraded on an as-needed basis.  Under normal circumstances, updates occur outside of normal business hours. Major maintenance and upgrades are general scheduled outside of the academic semester schedule so as to cause minimum disruption.


Because they are web-based GC Online and Caravel upgrades general do not involve client software.  Applications are also generally departmentally focused, so rollout schedule and testing is coordinated with the requesting department.

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