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Software Acquisition Policy
Posted by Pamela Kistler-Osborne on 07 February 2012 04:38 PM

Processes for Software Acquisition and Inclusion on Lab/Classroom/Office Images

    Updated: June 2010  

    Request for Software Acquisition Consideration

New software titles requested by faculty or staff and used predominantly by a single department will be funded by the requesting department.  If the requestor believes the software title: (1) will be broadly used by faculty or staff in other disciplines, or (2) is a common pedagogical component in a course required for a significant cross section of GC students, then ITS will consider funding or subsidizing the application.  The request for software will be evaluated by the ITS Director.  The software request should address, as appropriate, the following factors considered by the Director in making the decision:

  1. For administrative applications, document the demand for the software within and outside of your department.  Provide names of faculty or staff also wishing to actively use this software. 
  2. For classroom applications, specify the course, its typical enrollment and number of sections, what proportion of students enrolled in the course are from outside your department, whether the course is a new offering, and the number of faculty teaching the course.
  3. Provide some context of the software’s history and usage in the academic market.
  4. Specify the licensing cost of the software for single users, multiple users, and a full site license.  Also document the cost and timeframe for renewing the license.
  5. Identify any similar packages already licensed by the University and indicate why your specific application is required.  Specify features of the software that distinguish it from existing applications.
  6. Describe the expected level of support and an estimate of maintenance and upgrade costs.
  7. For software related to research, requests should be submitted to the Director of the Center for Research Computing.  

The software acquisition request should be submitted to the ITS Help Desk ( From there it will be assigned to the Software Coordinator who will make sure that all relevant information is provided in the request, check for any similar requests or software products, and then forward this information along with the original document to the ITS Director for a final decision.

The final decision will be communicated to the requestor by email at the end of these deliberations.  It should be noted that purchase approval does not ensure campus or classroom distribution.  

Deadlines for New Software Acquisition Requests

Requests for new software titles that are to be included on the lab/classroom/office image should be submitted in accordance with the following schedule; titles not to be included on the lab/classroom image need not be requested by specific dates. 

Semester Request Deadline
Fall Image  June 1
Spring Image October 1
Summer Image March 1
Out of Cycle As time allows

Communication Plan

After approval from the ITS Director, the availability of the new software will be announced in the weekly Faculty/Staff Bulletin and communicated to the Director of Educational Technology.

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