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ITS Data Backup and Retention Policy
Posted by Pamela Kistler-Osborne on 07 February 2012 04:30 PM

ITS Data Backup and Retention Policy

(draft, Michael Sherer)

The following policy defines ITS processes and procedures for safeguarding GC data and services in the event of hardware failure, natural or manmade disaster, or other related events.  It also specifies retention periods for certain classes of data.

GC File
Backup.  Data on GC File is backed up nightly to the Yesterday server, which is located in the redundant server room.  Nightly incrementals are available going back approximately one month depending on available space on the Yesterday server.
Restore.  Users can retrieve lost data from last night's backup through the Yesterday folder in their M: drive.  Older data can be retrieved with assistance from the ITS Help Desk.
Archive.  GC File is archived to disk at the end of each semester. Archival snapshots are retained for two years.

Jenzbar/SQL Server 

Backup.  Jenzabar/SQL Server trace logs are backed up hourly and a full-back nightly via SQL Server backup to a secondary array and then rSynched to our redundant server.  
Restore.  Individual tables can be restored as needed.  The entire database database can be restored in about 10 minutes from backup.  A switchover to the 'play' DB server could occur within minutes in the event of a catastrophic hardware failure on the primary database server.
Archive.  We have monthly archival backups 

Backup.   The PowerFAIDS database is backed up nightly and rSynched off.

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