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Desktop Computing Hardware Policy
Posted by Pamela Kistler-Osborne on 07 February 2012 04:18 PM

Desktop Computing Hardware Policy

The college is committed to providing adequate computing equipment for its employees. Currently, that commitment consists of the following guidelines, with planning and budgeting occurring in April of each year:

Equipment for Full-time Employees

The following guidelines will be used to evaluate all existing equipment, upgrades and additional equipment requests:

Classification Equipment Cycle

General-use Lab Computers Mac and PC Year 1
Departmental Lab Computers Mac and PC Years 2-4
Trades and Custodial Staff Computer Access Years 2-5
Faculty/staff (.6 FTE+) 1 Personal Computer Years 2-4
Student or volunteer workers using computers (.6 FTE+) 1 Personal Computer Years 2-5

Equipment for New and Temporary Employees

For the purposes of this policy, a temporary employee is someone who is hired for less than a full academic year. Though temporary, these employees may still require computer access. New employees may begin at any point in the academic year, and fill a position that did not exist previously. Equipment for these employees will be funded based on the following criteria:

1. Notification. If the department notifies ITS of the need during the spring budget cycle, ITS will participate in the funding of the equipment. If not, the department will bear the full cost of the equipment.

2. FTE. The employee's FTE will be calculated against a full-year contract. (ie. an employee who works full-time for 6 months would be .5 FTE) If the notification requirement has been met, the department will be charged using the same fee structure as described for part-time employees below.

3. If the department purchases the equipment, ITS will place a current year or projected next year standard system in conversation with the department. ITS will then take over the maintenance of that equipment at the end of its useful life.

4. Equipment purchased by a department will not be subject to any additional charges (ie. part-time usage charges) until after ITS replaces it in the next equipment cycle.

In part-time staffing situations, any multiple of workers adding up to .6 FTE or greater will be treated as full-time. In situations where combined usage is between .3 and .6 FTE, the department (or departments) will be responsible for a $125/year computing access fee. In situations where combined usage is less than .3 FTE, the department will be responsible for a $200/year computing access fee. For Custodial and Trades staff, appropriate access will be negotiated between the department and ITS.

Mobile Computing
The college will supply a laptop computer in place of a desktop for employees whose job requires frequent travel or use of multiple workspaces.  All other requests for mobile computing are to be processed through an employee's supervisor and approved by the VP of Finance. 

Because laptops have significantly higher acquisition and maintenance costs than desktops, they are subject to much stricter rules in order to control costs and reduce the support burden.  Steps taken include a single recommended model, purchased in bulk and recommended configurations to facilitate backup, security and privacy.  Deviations from these standards may not be feasible.

ITS will provide a desktop monitor, keyboard and mouse to approved laptop users.  An appropriate port replicator or docking station may also be provided, at the discretion of ITS, based on availability and cost.

Accidental or negligent damage, theft, or vandalism that occurs to an institutionally purchased portable computing device, once it has been entrusted to the designated Goshen College employee, is the responsibility of the employee's department. Any such damage or loss should be immediately reported to ITS which will assess the damage and organize repair or replacement as necessary. ITS reserves the right to pass the entire cost of repair or replacement on to the employee's department. The potential cost and responsibility of repair or replacement should be factored in to the purchasing request made by a department.

All terms of the Goshen College Acceptable Use Policy apply to portable computing devices and those using them.

Equipment for Grant Funded Employees

For grant-funded employees there is an expectation that the grant will pay for the employee's computer equipment. If it is to be supported by ITS, it must meet ITS hardware standards and should be purchased through ITS. Grant-writers should use the following guidelines for budgeting:

  1. Desktop computers: $350/year
  2. Laptop computers: $600/year

The college commitment also includes access to regional laser printers. Departments wishing to use personal inkjet printers will be responsible for the equipment, consumables and maintenance costs.

  1. ITS must be notified of needs for the following academic year during the spring budgeting cycle. Needs which arise after that time will be handled out of departmental funds or can wait until the next annual cycle.
  2. All hardware cycles are projections and are subject to change based on availability of funds.
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