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Registering a Gaming Device (wired)
Posted by Pamela Kistler-Osborne on 27 January 2012 04:42 PM

Finding the MAC Address on various devices

  • IT does not support any game console beyond registering it on the network.  
  • All Devices except the Wii should be hooked up using an Ethernet cable.
  • Have them turn wireless off on the device.
  • Please make sure the end user gives you the wired mac address and not the wireless mac address. 
  • A restart is required after a device is registered.


PlayStation 3

Step-by-step Instructions

  1. Power up the PlayStation 3 without any disc in the drive.
  2. Once the PlayStation 3 operating system has loaded, select "Settings."
  3. Once you are in "Settings" select "Network Settings."
  4. When the "Network Settings" list appears, select the first option which is titled "Settings and Connection Status List."
  5. The physical address will be listed under "MAC Address." Write this number down.
  6. Email the address along with where you live on campus to


  1. Tivo Mac address is on a label affixed to the network adapter (a separate piece). Write this number down.
  2. Email it to: along with where you live.

(Connect Wireless)

To find your MAC address:

  1. From the home screen, select the "Wii" button in the lower left hand corner.
  2. From here, select "Wii Settings" which will be the on-screen button on the right.
  3. On this screen, select the right arrow to advance to the 2nd set of settings.
  4. Select the "Internet" option.
  5. Select the "Console Information" option.
  6. The MAC address will be listed under "USB Ethernet Adapter MAC Address.
  7. Email it to: along with where you live.

Xbox 360

Finding the Xbox 360 MAC Address

  1. Go to System Settings.
  2. Choose Network Settings.
  3. Click Configure Network.
  4. Switch to the Additional Settings Tab.
  5. Click "Alternate MAC Address Not Set."
  6. This will show the current Wired MAC Address.
  7. Email it to: along with where you live.


1. Open the Chromecast app on your computer. If you have set up your Chromecast recently, you'll find a shortcut to the app on your desktop. Otherwise, Windows users should check the Start Menu; Mac and ChromeOS users should check Applications, and Linux users should navigate to the directory where they installed the program. If it has disappeared, you can always download it again via theChromecast setup page.

2. Click Settings. You'll see a list of all the Chromecasts connected on your Wi-Fi network. If you have more than Chromecast, you'll have to repeat this process. Click Settings to proceed.


3. Find the MAC address at the bottom of the window. The system's MAC address is located at the bottom-left corner of the Settings menu.


Smart TV



Apple TV

From the main menu, choose Settings, and then click About. Look for the MAC address next to "Ethernet ID" for the wired network or "Wireless ID" for the wireless connection. Alternatively, you may find the MAC address printed on the UPC label on the Apple TV box.


Google TV

From Settings, select Network, and then Status. Your MAC address will appear on the screen.



From the Roku home screen, select Settings, and then About. The MAC address will appear on your screen. Alternatively, you can find the MAC address on the bottom or back of your Roku.


Sony Blu-Ray DVD player

Follow the instructions at,66/kw/MAC%20address%20Bluray.


From the TiVo Menu, select Settings, and then choose Phone/Network. Your MAC address will appear on the page that opens.


Vizio Smart TV

Press the Menu button on the remote and select Network, and then Manual Setup. The RJ45 and/or Wireless MAC address will appear on the screen.

 updated 10/6/15 PKO

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