Scanning Documents Using a Xerox Versalink Printer
Posted by Pamela Kistler-Osborne on 01 December 2020 08:57 AM
Scanning To Email, GC File or Google Drive
 There are three options when scanning

· Email

· M drive

· Google Drive


· If you select scan to my email, please note the file size limit for this is 20 MB.

· This option works best when you are scanning a small number of pages or images.

· If the scan exceeds 20 MB the scan will not arrive in your email and you will not get a notification that it exceeded the size limit.
The printer will not give any indication that the scan exceeds the 20 MB limit.


Therefore, when scanning, if you have more than just a few pages, we suggest choosing scan to M drive or scan to Google Drive.

M Drive

· If you log onto the printer using your department credentials a folder named Scanned is created in your department drive. M:\MyDepartment\Scanned

· If you log in using your personal credentials, a folder named Scanned is created in your My Documents folder M:\My Documents\Scanned

· You will not see a folder named Scanned in either location until after you have made your first scan.

· Capacity is based on M drive space which is large but not unlimited.

Google Drive

· Log onto the printer with your username and password

· Select Scan

· Select Scan to Google Drive

· Before your document can be scanned to your Google Drive you will be sent an email from PaperCut to allow the scan to have access to your Google Drive.

· You must find the email in your inbox (or spam) and click the link to approve.

· PaperCut will now create a folder in your Google Drive called Scans for PaperCut MF.

· Your scanned documents will be scanned to this location.

· There is no file size limit when scanning to Google Drive.



  • Please note, scanning multiple pages or pages with images can take up to 10-15 minutes to appear in the M drive!

  • If the user has selected to scan to their email and it does not appear or send, it is most likely too big. PaperCut has a 20 MB attachment file size limit. This also applies to scanning attachments sent via email. Tell the end user to select to save to the M drive or Google drive. See the scanning quick guide above.

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