Knowledgebase: Zoom
An Overview of breakout Rooms
Posted by Pamela Kistler-Osborne on 27 August 2020 09:37 AM
  • Breakout rooms have the same screen sharing, video, and audio chat capability as the main Zoom session.
  • Breakout rooms can be used to send participants into small group rooms. Their time in the breakouts can be limited (e.g., five minutes to discuss a specific question), or they can be given indefinite time in the breakout.
  • While in a breakout room, users cannot hear audio from the main Zoom session. If the Host wishes to communicate to everyone at once, they can “Broadcast” a text-based message to all participants.
  • The Host can choose to wait in the main session while participants work, or they can enter and leave the breakouts to provide guidance or listen to what’s happening.
  • Participants in breakouts who would like help from the Host can “Ask for Help” to request that the Host join their breakout.
  • The Host can move participants between breakout rooms while they are in rooms to mix up the discussion.
  • The Host can end the breakout rooms, bringing all participants back to the main Zoom meeting. They can then send participants back to the same breakout groups or create new breakout groups.