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Share my RDP session via Zoom
Posted by Patricia Goodman on 08 May 2020 11:23 AM

If you are working remotely, and are remotely connected to your office Windows computer (via the RDP application) and you want to share your RDP session screen in a Zoom meeting, below are the instructions: 

1. on the computer that you are physically at, start the Zoom meeting, then 
2. on the computer that you are physically at, use the RDP application to connect to your office computer, then
3. on their computer that you are physically at, in the Zoom session, click the Share Screen button, and from the screen choices available, click on the one labeled "Microsoft Remote Desktop..."
Note, if you are not the host of the Zoom meeting, you will need to ask the host to make you a co-host so that you have the permissions to share your screen. 
5/8/20 PG