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How do I find my MAC address on my Game Console or Apple TV?
Posted by Pamela Kistler-Osborne on 16 August 2018 03:52 PM

How do I find my MAC address on my Game Console or Apple TV?

How to Find Your MAC Address



  • Turn on your Xbox console with no game disc in the disc tray.
  • From the Xbox Dashboard, choose Xbox Live.
  • These steps assume you cannot connect to Xbox Live until you finish configuring your Xbox console to use your PC's MAC address. Therefore, you should receive the following message: "Could not connect to Xbox Live. Do you want to troubleshoot your network connection?".
  • From the Connect Status screen, select Settings. The 12-digit number at the bottom-right corner of the Network Settings screens is the MAC address of your Xbox console.

XBox 360

  • Go to the System area of the Xbox Dashboard and select Network Settings. Select Edit Settings.
  • From Additional Settings, select Advanced Settings.
  • Select Edit Settings.
  • At the bottom of this screen you'll see a heading called Wired MAC Address.

XBox One

  • Navigate to the Settings page
  • Select Network
  • Select Advanced Settings
  • MAC address will be listed next to MAC on the right hand side of the screen.


PlayStation 2

To locate the MAC address of your Sony PlayStation 2 you will need the Network Adapter connected to the PS2 and you will need the disc that came with the Network Adapter.

  • Power up the PlayStation 2 and load the Network Adapter Startup Disc.
  • Once it has loaded, select "ISP Setup" and press X on your controller.
  • The ISP Setup will begin to load, and you will be presented with a license agreement. Select Agree and press X to continue.
  • For connection type, choose "Local Area Network (LAN)" and press X to continue.
  • Select "Automatic Configuration" and press X to continue.
  • At the connection test screen, select "Advanced" and press X to continue.
  • At the "Advanced Broadband Settings" screen, make sure "Automatic" is selected. While you are at this screen, make note of the MAC address at the bottom.

PlayStation 3

  • From the main menu, select Settings.
  • Select System Settings.
  • Select System Information.
  • The MAC address will then be displayed on the screen.

PlayStation 4

  • Arrow up and over to Settings in the PS4 menu.
  • Scroll down to Network
  • Scroll down to View Connection Status
  • The MAC Address will be listed next to "MAC Address"



  • From the Wii Channel menu, select "Wii Settings" (the round button on the bottom-left of the screen with "Wii" on it).
  • Select "Internet," then "Console Settings."
  • The MAC address of the Wii console is displayed on the first line.

Wii U

  • From the Wii U Menu, select "System Settings."
  • Using the Left Stick select the "Internet" icon and press the A Button.
  • Select "View MAC Address" and wait a moment for the MAC address to be displayed.

Other Devices

Apple TV

  • Open the Settings Menu.
  • Select General.
  • Select Network
  • The MAC Address will be listed next to “Wired Address”


  • Open the settings on your device.
  • Select "Player Info."
  • The MAC address will be available on the screen. Alternatively the MAC address can be found on the back of your device.
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