Adding Networked Printers on Windows 10
Posted by Jake Pittman on 21 March 2018 11:12 AM

There are 2 ways to add a printer to Windows 10 computers on campus;

Method 1: (preferred method)

GC desktop computers have an icon on them that says Add GC Printers,
--select this icon and follow the prompts. 
--select the printer you wish to add from the list
--process will install driver
--when driver is installed, close window and return to regularly scheduled computing

Method 2: (long form method)

--Click the magnifying glass icon next to the windows start menu.
--Type  \\ in the search bar
--Enter your user name and password with  gc\ in front of your user name. For example: gc\jsmith
--Click on the file that appears or press the enter key.
--Find the printer you wish to add
--Click on it and small window will open
--You may exit that window.
--Next, click on the start menu
--Click the gear icon on the left hand side (Settings)
--Click Devices in the window that pops up
--Click "Add a printer or scanner"
--Click "refresh" and the printer you added should appear in the devices window
--Feel proud that you manually executed this process successfully! 

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