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Goshen College offers a wide variety of technology services to employees for both academic and administrative use. This document highlights the services that you should be aware of.

Your Username and Password

With your Goshen College username and password you have access to a variety of network services and software applications. You can change your password whenever you want, but please do not share it with others. Keeping your password secret will guard your personal account information and protect your documents and email stored on the network. Change your password at https://gconline.goshen.edu

Acceptable Use Policy Your use of the Goshen College computing environment implies your acceptance of the guidelines found at https://sites.google.com/a/goshen.edu/its-department-policies/

Computing Support

Information Technology Services (ITS) operates a professionally staffed Help Desk. Support is available Monday through Friday at the Schertz Computer Center in the Union building from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., and evenings at the Library from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. There are also limited hours on the weekend. ITS uses Kayako Fusion for its Help Desk solution.  With Fusion you have access to our ever growing Knowledgebase for end-user support, and helpful downloads and support tools. You can contact the ITS Help Desk for support by either phoning 574 535-7700, emailing helpdesk@goshen.edu  or, you can access the Fusion Help Desk Knowledgebase for self-service computing support at https://service.goshen.edu/support/  

Email and Calendar

Goshen College uses Gmail and Google Calendar for its mail and calendar service. Every student and employee has  a “Goshen College” Gmail and Google Calendar account. This account has already been created for you.  You can access your Goshen College Gmail and Calendar by going to http://www.google.com

  • click on the blue Sign In button
  • enter in your full Goshen College email address and password
  • click on the Mail link to get to Gmail
  • click on the Application Menu to access Calendar and other Google applications

Support for Gmail and Google Calendar can be found at


If you are unsure of your Goshen College username and password, please contact the Help Desk at (574) 535-7700.

Google Apps for Education
Google Apps are a suite of online tools, powered by Google, which allows you to create different kinds of documents, work on them collaboratively with other people, and access them from anywhere that you have a computer and an Internet connection. All enrolled Goshen College students and employees have Google Apps accounts. Visit http://www.google.com and log in with your Goshen College email address and password to access your account. Click on the Application Menu to access the various Google applications. For support with using Google Apps, go to https://service.goshen.edu/support/index.php?/Knowledgebase/List/Index/147/google

Learning Management System

Goshen College uses Moodle, a web-based learning management system. All of your courses are in Moodle, ready for your use. Access Moodle at https://moodle.goshen.edu   Contact the Help Desk at helpdesk@goshen.edu or 574-535-7700 if you need assistance.

File Storage

Students can store files in the Google Drive area of their Goshen College Google account at https://drive.google.com.

Employees can store files on either the central file service, called GCFile (aka M: drive), or in the Google Drive area of their Goshen College Google account at https://drive.google.com. Both are backed up nightly. GCFile is accessible from any Goshen College computer.  

GCFile gives employees access to limited space on our network file server. Employees have access to a My Documents folder which is only accessible by the individual, as well as departmental storage space which appears as the MyDepartment folder and is accessible by anyone within the employee’s department.

  • Accessing GCFile from a GC virtual Windows computer: start up Windows Explorer and clicking on the
    homes(\\gcfile.goshen.edu) M:’  drive.

GC Portal

The GC Portal gives access to several employee and student services. Go to https://my.goshen.edu  For additional services, log in at the top of the page.

GC Online

GC Online gives access to many employee and student services, such as online time cards and course evaluation.  
Go to  https://gconline.goshen.edu    


Employees have access to TeamworkPM for project management. Teamwork Projects has everything you need to track a project from start to finish. The flexibility, combined with the intuitive features the app offers mean your team will not only become better collaborators but they will massively increase their productivity on a daily basis. To access TeamworkPM, go to https://goshen.teamworkpm.net then click on the ‘Login with Google Account’ button, and enter in your GC email address and password.

Classroom Computing

GC has more than a dozen multimedia classrooms, equipped with computing, projection and multimedia equipment. If your course requires this sort of technology, contact the registrar to ensure that your class is scheduled in the appropriate space. Orientation for our technology classrooms is available. If you have a classroom emergency involving technology, call the Help Desk at 574-535-7700. A matrix of classrooms and their multimedia equipment can be found at http://www.goshen.edu/itsmedia/academic-services/classroom-matrix/

Lab Computing

There are three public student computer labs on campus; the Schertz Computer Center, the Library Lab, and Visual Arts computer lab. These labs are also used as classrooms, so please check the schedule outside of each lab to see if a class is in session. Staff and/or Student Technology Assistants are on duty Monday through Thursday from 8am-11pm, Fridays 8am-5pm, Saturdays 2pm-4pm, and Sundays 7pm-11pm to help you with computing problems or questions. There are also computers available in the Connector, and a collaborative mobile lab in the Schertz Computer Center.  

Computer Lab Hours:

  • Schertz Computer Center (basement of the Union building) Open 24 hours a day/7 days a week.  Student Technology Assistants on duty most days/evenings.
  • Library Computer Lab (North East corner of Library 1st floor) Walk-in access during library hours.
  • VA22 (second floor of Visual Arts Building) Walk-in access during building hours.
  • Connector (2nd and 4th floors of Kratz/Miller dorms) Open 24 hours a day/7 days a week during the academic year.

Note:  These times are regular hours and may change during mid-term breaks, holidays and the summer.  Watch the Campus Communicator and lab doors for hours.


Additional information on equipment available in the computer labs can be found at http://www.goshen.edu/its/computer-labs/

Virtual Computers

Goshen College offers access to virtual Windows computers. Students will benefit by connecting to a virtual Windows computer from either on or off-campus to access academic software to use with their classes. Employees will benefit by being able to connect to a virtual Windows computer from on or off-campus, as well as being able to access GCFile (the M: Drive). Access to a virtual computer from off-campus or campus housing can be done through a web browser or a mobile device. For instructions, go to https://service.goshen.edu/support/ click on Knowledgebase, then click on “Virtualization,” and then click on “Connecting To A Virtual Computer From Off Campus.”

Residential Networking for Student Housing

Students may connect to the Goshen College network from their dorm rooms or from off-campus housing.  Students who want to connect to the wired network, can borrow a network cable from the ITS department.  Having difficulty connecting to ResNet? You can make an appointment with ITS to get your computer or device on the network by calling ext. 7700 (535-7700). This service is available free of charge to all students.  Please make an appointment with ITS before bringing your computer to us for help.


There are regional multi-function printer/copiers (MFP) and laser printers placed throughout the campus which you can use for printing.  There are also two print queues called campus-copier and campus-color-copier that you can print to and then log onto any campus multi-function printer/copier to print your print jobs.  MFPs cost 5 cents per 8.5 x 11 page/side for black and 10 cents per page/side for color; 11 x 17 size cost 20 cents per page/side for black and 35 cents per page/side for color.  Laser printers cost 10 cents per page/side for color and 7 cents per page/side for grayscale. Any printing or copies that employees make will be charged to their department’s budget, so please print and make copies sparingly. Student printing will be deducted from their print credit. Students receive $15 of printing at the beginning of fall and spring semesters, and $7.50 at the beginning of May term. If you run out of print credit, you can purchase more from the Help Desk. Whenever possible, choose to scan your document to a PDF file to be saved on the network rather than printing a copy.  See the following page for MFP usage instructions:
Note: ITS does not provide personal inkjet printers, and they are not supported. Nor, does ITS allow wireless printers to be used on our network.

Software and Hardware Purchase Discounts
Discounts available for employees and enrolled students. For more information, go to http://service.goshen.edu/ and click on Knowledgebase, then click on Purchasing Discount Hardware and Software.


GC hosts a number of listservs. You can subscribe to a listserv from within GC Online. If you want custom listserv created, contact the Help Desk at helpdesk@goshen.edu or 574-535-7700.

Media Services

ITS Media, located on the south end of the main floor of the Union Building, provides equipment checkout, and a wide range of Audio/Video services and support.  Contact ITS Media at 574-535-7727 or media@goshen.edu

Library Resources

The Good Library has a rich collection of online resources, including bibliographic and full-text databases. See http://www.goshen.edu/library.


The campus bookstore web site permits credit card purchasing of books and GC apparel, via Follett Publishing's secure e-commerce server. Visit them online at http://www.bkstr.com/goshenstore/home/


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