Introduction to GC Reports
Posted by Patricia Goodman on 24 May 2016 01:51 PM

Introduction to GC Reports


What is GC Reports /

GC Reports (accessible online at is a web-based reporting system for GC data. It provides easy access to reports based on GC databases. It connects to Jenzabar and other campus data systems.

How do I use GC Reports /

You can access GC Reports with the following web browsers:

  • PC: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox
  • Mac: Safari, Chrome, Firefox
  • Mobile: Safari, Chrome

To Open Reports

For quick access from a PC on campus:

    1. Launch “Internet Explorer” from your Start Menu or Task Bar.
    2. If the reports web page isn’t already loaded, browse to http://gcreports/reports
      (TIP: if you don’t regularly use Internet Explorer, bookmark this as the home page for quick access).
    3. If you’re accessing from campus, you shouldn’t have to log in. If you’re off campus, enter your username and password.
    4. You can browse the folders of the server much like you browse folders on your PC or Mac.



To Run Reports

  1. Click the report you want to run
  2. If there are prompts, they will be at the top of the report. After you select the prompts, click “View Report” in the top right-hand corner of the screen. <green circle below>
  3. Navigate between pages in the report with the Reporting Services Toolbar, which is at the top of the report. <red circle below>
  4. To print a report, use the print button in the Reporting Services Toolbar. <red circle below>
  5. To export a report to PDF or Excel, use the disk/save icon in the Reporting Services Toolbar.
  6. You can use the link trail at the top left of the window (see top left in the screenshot below) to move back to the folder and run a different report.

Drilling Down in Reports

Many times, reports have drill-down capabilities that allow you to see more detailed data. In the screenshot below, note two options for drilling down:

  1. By clicking on the small plus symbol on the left, you can expand a row for more information.  <orange circle below>
  2. By clicking on an underlined datapoint, you can drill down to a new, more detailed report. <purple circle>
    • NOTE: If you drill down to detail, you can use your browser’s “BACK” button to return to the previous report.

Subscribing to a Report

If you would like to receive a report regularly via email (as a PDF, Word or Excel attachment), you can subscribe to the report and specify when and how often you would like to receive the report.

  1. Before clicking to open a report, mouse over the report and click on the small drop-down arrow that appears. A menu will pop-up. <red circle, figure 1 below>
  2. Select “Subscribe” from the menu options. The screen shown in figure 2 below will appear. Set up the following options:
    1. Enter your full GC email address in the “To” field
    2. Use the drop-down on “Render Format” to select the format for the report. PDF, Word or Excel is recommended.
    3. Use the “Select Schedule” button near the bottom to set up when and how often you would like to receive the report.

Figure 1.                                                                                               


Figure 2.


If you need further assistance, contact the Institutional Research office. Or, contact the Help Desk at ext. 7700

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