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Preparing for your Windows 10 Migration
Posted by Patricia Goodman on 15 May 2018 05:11 PM

The process of migrating employee’s virtual Windows 7 computers to Windows 10 will occur by department. That way your migration will occur at the same time as others who are in your department. We anticipate that each department's migration will take one full day to complete.  

The start date for this summer migration project is June 1st, and we fully anticipate that all employee Windows 7 virtual computers will be migrated before fall semester begins. All classroom Windows 7 computers will also be migrated to Windows 10 before fall semester begins.


What you need to do to prepare

  1. Do you store content locally on your current Windows 7 virtual computer? eg. you've saved files to the desktop or have content in the Downloads folder that you wish to keep.
    ITS will be migrating the following content from your Windows 7 virtual computer to your Windows 10 virtual computer:
    • files that are saved on the Desktop
    • files that are in the Downloads folder
    • Firefox bookmarks

  2. Do you have a special application that you have installed on your computer that saves data to the hard drive of your computer, as opposed to the M: drive? If so, contact the Help Desk now to inform us of this so that we can include migrating that data over to your new Windows 10 computer. Failure to notify us may result in lost data for that specific application.

  3. We will attempt to migrate the following items, but cannot guarantee its success:
    • special setup within applications, such as customization of the Ribbon in the Microsoft applications, or special shortcuts within an application to save files directly to a specific location. If you have an application where you have set up extensive customization that is pertinent to your workflow, please let ITS know prior to your scheduled migration so that we can make every attempt to try to collect and migrate these customized settings.
    • we will attempt to migrate your desktop image(s), but make no guarantees

  4. We will not migrate the following content:
    • we will not migrate anything that is in the Pictures folder. Please copy any pictures you want to keep to Google Drive.
    • we will not migrate anything that is in the Videos folder.  Please copy any videos you want to keep to Google Drive.
    • we will not migrate anything that is in the Music folder (including the iTunes music library)
    • we will not migrate Internet Explorer bookmarks.

  5. Chrome browser bookmarks:
    • You will need to enable Chrome Sync in Google Chrome, prior to your migration, so that your bookmarks and browsing history will follow you to Google Chrome on your Windows 10 computer.  Here are the steps:
      a. in Chrome, click on the menu button
      b. click on Settings
      c. at the top, if you’re already logged in with your GC account, you’ll see it there. You’re all set and don’t need to do anything further!  If you’re not logged in, click on the Login button and then sign in with your GC email address and password.
      d. when prompted, click the Link Data button. And, you’re all set! Chrome will create a backup of your existing bookmarks and browsing history. If you add/remove anything before your migration occurs, no need to worry. Chrome will automatically sync any changes.  Then once you’re migrated to Windows 10, simply repeat steps a through d above and you’ll see your bookmarks and browsing history begin to appear.
      p.s. you can also sign into Chrome on your home computer so that you can access your GC bookmarks and browsing history at home as well!

You can view the Windows 10 Migration Schedule at:  

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