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The "Incoming" or "Shared with me" view in the left-hand side navigation lets you see the files and folders that other people have shared with you, beginning with the most recent. You'll see "Incoming" if you're using the new Google Drive [1] and "Shar...
Have you ever gotten the error "He's Dead, Jim!" when using Google Chrome and wondered what it means and what to do? You might see the "He's Dead, Jim!" message in a tab if: You don't have enough memory available to run the tab. Computers rely on memo...
For anyone who is experiencing problems with slow Mac computers or adware, a general basic step to help clean your computer (and later protect it) is to install Avast. On the avast website you can download a free version.
August 2014 Using the Turnitin/Mahara assignment uploader: Notes: The recent update did not impact "normal" Turnitin assignments. If you are importing Mahara assignments from previous courses, you will need to delete them and add again using this m...
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